Online learning is really convenient

In an effort to encourage our prospective learners, we want to share the online study experience of our existing students. We caught up with one of our students and asked them about their experience with UPOnline.

“Hi, my name is Dumisani Xulu and I’m a student at the University of Pretoria. I’m doing an online programme called the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health.

“This online learning has really been so convenient because you do not have to go to the campus, or institution rather, for anything for any reason you know, whether it’s exam or test purposes, everything is done online – the tests, the assignments, the quizzes etc.

“And the admin is just so amazing because there’s no errors no signal problems whatsoever, and not to mention the staff, the staff is really, really amazing, they’re just on par and they’re so competent.

“When we come to the programme itself, the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health, this programme has really been so enriching, in a way that I think as a medical technologist – I think I’ve been working in the diagnostic laboratories for about four to five years now and my skills were really channelled on biological and genetical causes of disease, and I got to realise that it takes way more than that, you know.

“The environment and a whole lot of factors that interplay together to cause disease, and that the prevention and the controlling, or control rather, of diseases, need a multisectoral approach in order for it to be successful.”